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Users of the LEGS website and LEGS publications are subject to and agree to abide by the following policies:

  • Copyright:
    • All content of this website and all downloaded LEGS Project publications are © The LEGS Project and Tufts University, USA.
    • The LEGS Handbook is copyright but may be reproduced by any method without fee for educational purposes but not for resale. Formal permission is required for all such uses but normally will be granted immediately. For copying in other circumstances or for reused in other publications, or for translation or adaptation, prior written permission must be obtained from the copyright owner, and a free may be payable.
    • The LEGS Project makes the content of the LEGS Handbook available online for the benefit of humanitarian and development organizations and workers interested in improving the quality of humanitarian assistance. If you wish to reproduce, republish or translate the LEGS Handbook or any of the materials made available on this website for dissemination or teaching purposes, please contact the LEGS Coordinator with details of proposed use. Permission will normally be granted immediately, provided that the Handbook and/or the materials are not made available or distributed for profit or commercial advantage, and that the LEGS Project is credited as the source of the material, with the inclusion of the sentence: “Copyright © The LEGS Project / www.livestock-emergency.net“. Further information on translation is below.
  • Terms of Use:  any information which appears on the LEGS website and/or in LEGS Project publications is for guidance only. Although the LEGS Project has endeavoured to ensure the accuracy and quality of the information presented on this website and in its publications, the LEGS Project will not be liable for any loss, damage, or inconvenience arising as a consequence of any use or interpretation of, or the inability to use or interpret, any information contained within. The LEGS Project will not assume responsibility and will not be liable to users of information on the website and/or LEGS publications for any damages whatsoever incurred for any decisions made or action taken in reliance on the information provided.
  • The LEGS Project Translation Policy:
    • Three international languages are prioritised for translation – Spanish, French and Arabic.
    • The LEGS Project only funds the prioritised international languages as above.
    • Individuals and organisations are encouraged to translate the LEGS Handbook into other languages.
    • Where an individual organisation translates the LEGS Handbook into a non-priority language:
      • The LEGS Project should be notified at the start of the work.
      • Where possible, the draft translation should be reviewed to check the quality and the technical accuracy of key terms and concepts; where possible the reviewer(s) should be approved by the LEGS Steering Group.
      • The translation should be proof-read, ideally by a professional proof reader.
      • The inside (copyright) page should be adapted to show that it is a translation of the original English version (keep the original details) and the name/organisation of the translator should be added.
      • The LEGS Project copyright clause must be retained.
      • No institutional logos should be inserted inside or on the cover.
      • The final translation should be shared with the LEGS Project, preferably in pdf form, so it can be placed on the LEGS website.

Updated: 19.12.14

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