The Impact of LEGS

The LEGS Project monitors its impact in two key ways:

  • Organisational impacts: the LEGS Project tracks the incorporation of LEGS into the policies and procedures of key organisations, the extent to which LEGS is used in needs assessment and evaluations by these organisations, and the training of staff in the use of LEGS.
  • Livelihoods impacts: LEGS aims to monitor the impact of emergency interventions on livestock and livelihoods, in particular those which use the LEGS approach. See below for more information and links to selected resources on impact assessment.


LEGS Training Programme 

As a result of the TOT programme, there are now 344 active LEGS Trainers, in 81 countries worldwide, as shown on the map below:

location of LEGS Trainers map

Between them, the LEGS Trainers have now carried out 182 LEGS Training courses in 41 countries:

location of LEGS training courses









For more information on the LEGS Training Programme, see the Training pages.






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Impact of LEGS

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