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How to organise a LEGS Training Course

LEGS aims to improve the quality and livelihoods impact of livestock-related projects in humanitarian situations.

LEGS Core Training Courses: Online

In 2021, the LEGS Core Training was developed into an online learning course, which can now be commissioned using Accredited Online Trainers. Below are details on this new virtual course.

Read the Summary of the LEGS Core Training Online Policy.

Who is the LEGS Core Training for?

The LEGS Core Training, both in-person and online courses, is designed to build the capacity of both livestock experts and humanitarian specialists in livestock-based emergency response planning and implementation. The LEGS Approach and LEGS Core Training enable humanitarian specialists and livestock specialists to work hand-in-hand to create effective emergency responses.

What is the LEGS Core Training Course: Online?

This is a virtual course that mirrors the in-person LEGS Core Training course and is carried out entirely online. The course is designed for a maximum of 15 participants.

The course is made up of seven Modules and each Module consists of two elements:

  1. Self-paced learning guide – Participants work through the learning activities at their own pace. They can either complete it online or download it.
  2. Live virtual workshops – Participants come together for live, interactive workshops, which will be facilitated by an Accredited Online Trainer.

The course uses the LEGS Learning Platform on the LEGS website, with virtual learning activities, tools and technology.

How can I organise a LEGS Core Training Course: Online?

Interested organisations can commission an online LEGS Core Training Course from any of the Accredited Online Trainers. Online trainers have completed the TOT for the in-person LEGS Core Training course AND the LEGS Core Training Online induction course.

A course fee will be charged so that LEGS can provide IT and administrative support to any trainer delivering the course.

Are you planning a LEGS Core Training course?

Please contact LEGS if you would like to further information on how to organise either an in-person or online course. LEGS cannot provide funding for any Core Training courses, but we are happy to provide advice, information and guidance.