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LEGS aims to improve the quality and livelihoods impact of livestock-related projects in humanitarian situations.

LEGS Institutionalisation Strategies

The institutionalisation of the LEGS Approach at national and local levels forms a key part of the LEGS strategy. The October 2020 LEGS Discussion Paper also recommended that LEGS increases its efforts to foster institutionalization and localization of the LEGS Approach and Handbook through strategic engagement in specific countries.

Since 2022, LEGS has been focusing on three countries to support this approach: Kenya and MongoliaColombia. The institutionalisation strategies for Kenya and Mongolia are below.


Kenya, with its active community of practice and focal point experience, was chosen as the first country. A 1.5-day institutionalization workshop, led by Dr. Kisa Juma Ngeiywa with the support of Dr. Julius Kajume, was held in Nairobi in August 2022. The 22 participants represented key government ministries and departments, universities, institutions, and NGOs.

Download the Strategy (September 2022)


Since 2013, LEGS trainers have worked with government and NGO partners to establish LEGS as the key point of reference for emergency preparedness and response planning in Mongolia. To further this effort, an institutional strategy development workshop was held in February 2023 for key government, institutional and NGO stakeholders. It was led by LEGS accredited trainers Sukhbaatar Jigjidpurev and Enkhtuya Buyandala, with the support of Ulziimaa Nyamaa.

Download the Strategy (April 2023)


In Colombia we have been supporting awareness raising activities about LEGS, hoping to move forwards with plans for the next steps towards institutionalisation later in 2023.