The LEGS Training Programme

LEGS is an independent initiative that aims to improve the quality and livelihoods impact of livestock-related projects in humanitarian situations.

The LEGS Training Programme

The LEGS Training Programme focuses on the roll-out of a series of regional Training of Trainers (TOT) courses. Each TOT results in a cadre of LEGS Trainers who are equipped with the skills and materials to carry out the 3-day LEGS Training in their own countries. Only LEGS Trainers (who have completed a LEGS TOT) are authorised to deliver the 3-day LEGS Training. See the LEGS Training Policy for more details.

LEGS Training of Trainers (TOT) Courses

Please contact the LEGS Coordinator about commissioning a TOT for your organisation.

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Previous Training of Trainers (TOT) Courses

Find out more about previous LEGS Training of Trainers courses, including a summary of evaluation responses and a slide show from selected courses.

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How to organise LEGS Training

The LEGS Trainers (graduates of the LEGS Training of Trainers – TOTs) are equipped with the skills, methods and training materials to carry out the LEGS 3-day Training Course.

LEGS does not organise these courses but leaves interested organisations to commission LEGS Training from any of the LEGS Trainers in their country or region. Only LEGS Trainers are authorised to deliver the 3-day LEGS Training.

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Accredited LEGS Trainers

Once LEGS Trainers have completed two successful LEGS Training Courses and the evaluations have been submitted to LEGS, they are considered to be fully accredited.

Contact details for the accredited LEGS Trainers are presented by country. If there is no one from your country listed here, please contact the LEGS Administrator who can put you in touch with local LEGS Trainers who have not yet been accredited.

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LEGS Gender Module

LEGS has developed a free online Gender Module, which provides additional information and analysis to better equip practitioners to address gender issues in the planning and implementation of emergency response. The LEGS Gender Module is available on Kaya, the Humanitarian Leadership Academy’s online learning platform:

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Raising awareness in the humanitarian and livestock sectors

LEGS has developed a half-day awareness-raising session targeted
at humanitarian donors, policy makers, decision makers and programme developers

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LEGS Handbook

The LEGS Handbook

The LEGS Handbook provides standards and guidelines for appropriate and timely livestock-based livelihoods responses in emergencies, using a participatory and evidence-based approach. The Handbook was produced through a broad consultation process, drawing on good practice worldwide. The LEGS Handbook is a companion to The Sphere Handbook alongside other humanitarian standards which make up the Humanitarian Standards Partnership.

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