The LEGS Training Programme

LEGS aims to improve the quality and livelihoods impact of livestock-related projects in humanitarian situations.

LEGS E-Module on Gender

Women play a key role in livestock production and management throughout the world. Natural disasters affect men and women differently and a thorough understanding of gender roles, responsibilities and power relationships is necessary to ensure that women’s needs, as well as men’s, are met in humanitarian responses, and that gender inequities are sufficiently acknowledged and addressed.

The LEGS Gender Module complements the LEGS Core Training and provides additional information and analysis to better equip practitioners to address gender issues in the planning and implementation of emergency response.

It is designed for all who are involved in planning and implementing livestock-based responses in emergencies.

Get Started

The Module takes around 30 minutes to complete, and is available free of charge on both of the online learning platforms below. Registration is required.

Kaya, the Humanitarian Leadership Academy’s online learning platform

the Humanitarian Standards Partnership online learning platform, hosted by Sphere.