The Livestock Emergency Guidelines and Standards (LEGS) assist people with managing and protecting their livestock during humanitarian crises

The Digital
LEGS Handbook

The LEGS handbook is available as a downloadable PDF and is translated into Arabic, English, French, Mongolian, Spanish, Thai and Vietnamese.

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The Printed
LEGS Handbook

The LEGS Handbook is available to order and purchase in hard copy. The handbook is translated into Arabic, English, French and Spanish.

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The LEGS Training Programme

The LEGS Training Programme focuses on the roll-out of a series of regional Training of Trainers (TOT) courses across Africa, Asia and Latin America.

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The LEGS Resources Centre

The LEGS Resources Centre contains general and LEGS-specific resources, including Veterinary Services, Animal Feed and Water Supplies and videos.

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The LEGS Story

This short video provides contextual understanding of livestock emergencies and the risks brought on by inadequate and untimely livestock responses in emergencies.

10 Things You Should Know About LEGS

This video provides insight into the work of the Livestock Emergency Guidelines and Standards project (LEGS) in ten simple steps.

LEGS is a member of the

Humanitarian Standards Partnership

alongside the Sphere Project and other humanitarian standards initiatives

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Independent LEGS

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After many years of positive partnership with its host organisation Vetwork UK, the Livestock Emergency Guidelines and Standards project (LEGS) is now an independent entity.  LEGS was registered as a…

Seeking a Kenyan national consultant for the new LEGS operational research project

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The LEGS Project has been awarded a grant from OFDA to conduct operational research to identify and test alternative program models for the application of LEGS standards while complying with…

WEBINAR: Minimum Standards for Economic Recovery and Livestock in Emergencies

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LEGS will be taking part in a webinar that will focus on the importance of standards in humanitarian aid and longer-term development. As practical examples of the structure and use…

Recent LEGS Training Courses

LEGS is an essential part of the toolkit for humanitarians who come in contact with animals through their work. We use LEGS in our disaster assessment work and for training governments in appropriate responses to livestock emergencies. Well thought-through and practical by nature, we endorse these guidelines and standards.

James Sawyer — Director of Disaster Management, World Animal Protection

This new edition of the Livestock Emergency Guidelines and Standards, which builds on the 2009 edition and practitioner experience of using it, is an important resource not just for livestock specialists but for everyone engaged in improving the quality of humanitarian interventions. Crucially, the revised book continues to situate livestock support interventions within a wider livelihoods perspective and framework.

Sara Pantuliano — Director, Humanitarian Policy Group, ODI, London

This new version of LEGS contains even more refined analysis and presentation of guiding principles and standards for the humanitarian community to use to design sound, responsible and, most importantly, effective livestock programmes.

Julie March — Agriculture & Food Security Advisor, USAID Office of US Foreign Disaster Assistance
LEGS Handbook

The LEGS Handbook

The LEGS Handbook provides standards and guidelines for appropriate and timely livestock-based livelihoods responses in emergencies, using a participatory and evidence-based approach. The Handbook was produced through a broad consultation process, drawing on good practice worldwide. The LEGS Handbook is a companion to the Sphere Handbook.

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