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New LEGS Training Mini-modules on Drought, Participation and LEGS Refresher

By 27th May 2021News

LEGS has developed three new training mini-modules, to complement the existing 3-day training course. Each module lasts half a day and is designed to provide further training and capacity building for those who have undergone the 3-day training.

The LEGS Refresher Mini-module provides an update and reminder of the key elements of the LEGS Approach, for those who have undergone LEGS Training some time before.

The Drought Mini-module discusses different types and drivers of drought, and the impacts on livestock and livestock-based livelihoods; introduces the Drought Cycle Management model and the LEGS Drought Tool; and discusses drought-related policy priorities. The Participation Mini-module builds capacity to apply participatory techniques in the planning and implementation of LEGS-based emergency response, and includes practical exercises on a range of participatory techniques.

The Drought and Participation Mini-modules can be added on to a 3-day training course, or delivered at a later date. They have been designed to be delivered by LEGS Trainers, who will be contacted with the link to download the materials.

We hope that these modules will form a useful addition to the LEGS training resources. For further information please contact the LEGS Coordinator.