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Share your experiences of livestock responses during the pandemic

By 17th September 2021News

LEGS would like to increase its understanding of the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the implementation of the Livestock Emergency Guidelines and Standards, for example, the challenges in applying LEGS general principles or technical elements. We would also like to find out how COVID-19 impacts on concurrent emergencies; for example, does COVID-19 increase the severity of an emergency due to problems with market access, access to feed and water or animal health care.

As we prepare to update the LEGS Handbook and publish a 3rd edition, there is a good opportunity to incorporate any learning from the current pandemic into the new version.

In order to do this, we would like to hear from the community of practice about experiences over the last 18 months.  We want to make this process as easy as possible for everyone as it is so important that we document these experiences.

The information can be presented as a case study.  Alternatively, we would be happy to receive notes that could be developed into a case study; or we could organise an online meeting if it is more convenient to discuss your experiences.  Any information you give us would be credited to you, and you would also be able to review the study prior to publication.

If you are able to help us, please email us at with your information or any contact details if you would like us to set up a meeting, no later than 1st October 2021