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Public Consultation Now Open on 3rd Edition of LEGS Handbook

By 4th August 2022August 5th, 2022Uncategorised

The public consultation version of the 3rd edition of the LEGS Handbook has been uploaded to the interactive Handbook site, and it’s available for review up to 9 September. It is easy to sign up to the site, and post either editorial or technical comments.

The 3rd edition was produced following an extensive review process that many of you contributed to. To ensure that the 3rd edition is relevant in as many contexts as possible, we are keen for you to provide us with feedback, such as:

  • Is the 3rd edition now more user friendly?
  • Do the new standards, key actions and guidance notes cover what is needed for the technical interventions?

We are particularly keen to hear from practitioners who are using the LEGS handbook on what is missing, or difficult to understand or implement. Also, if you have any material for relevant case studies, after reviewing the 3rd edition, please send your suggestions in a short paragraph to:


This short video introduces the 3rd edition and explains what has been revised since the 2nd edition. The video also shows you how to provide comments on the revised text.

Read the accompanying guidance note.


The LEGS Advisory Group will then review the comments before the final version is produced both online and in hard copy in 2023. Translated versions will then follow.